The Wonder of Borobudur Temple

For those who grew up in the 90s knew very well that Borobudur temple was part of the World’s Seven Wonder. Sadly, this magnificent historical temple has to be replaced with other wonders from another country. What do you know about Borobudur? What is it that makes this temple earned the spot as the World’s Seven Wonder? You do not need to read the thick history book to know this majestic temple as we will guide you to know one of the most popular temples in Indonesia. The Syailendra Dynasty was the one who built Borobudur in the 9th century during their period of reign and judging by the design of the temple, there is no doubt that the architecture of Borobudur reflected the Gupta which from India but it does not mean that the design left the original root of Indonesia.

It is without any reason why most travel agencies and travel guides as well as magazines refer the word majestic to this temple because it is considered as the largest temple in Indonesia where the area covers 123 x 123 meters. Borobudur consists of 2,672 relief panels alongside with 504 statues of Buddha and there is no cement or mortar used to build this temple and somehow, the structure remind us of the interlocking Lego blocks design. The borobudur temple indonesia opens from 6am to 5pm because there are so many tourists both domestics and foreigners are enjoying the beautiful sun rise sighting from the Borobudur; and just before the sun is setting, you can capture the breathtaking scenery up from the highest point of view from this temple. Borobudur was discovered in 1815 and the historians believed that the historical temple was preserved due to the volcanic eruption.

How do you enjoy the historical reliefs on Borobudur? By foot, it is the only choice you have because any other means of transportation is not allowed and it is considered as great way for exercise too. If you want to hear a piece of history from the local guide, get ready to pay around IDR 50K but that amount of money is worth it as you know deeper about the reason why Syailendra built Borobudur temple. The carvings on the stones attached on the temple are not ordinary carving, they are meant to tell tales and legends that consist of hidden philosophical significance. It is not that difficult to reach Borobudur as it is around an hour of driving from Jogjakarta, so you can choose to join a city tour or rent a car.