Best Andorra Travel Destinations

The holiday is a day where many people go to vacation to a beautiful travel destinations. Many families in this world always spend time together and go to a vacation spot that they want. If you are one of them, surely at this time you want to travel with your family. If you want to travel with your family, you should try to visit the country of Andorra who have a variety of travel destinations with very beautiful scenery. The Andorra country is a part of the Pyrenees, Andorra was obviously swayed by the cultures of foreign countries. Alongside with that, in spite of its relatively small territory, this country has got a lot of authentic staff, which is evident in its architecture. Pre-Roman and Romanesque periods lasted here much longer than in other European countries, where the succession of art styles was much more dynamic. Romanesque architecture of Andorra tells us the story of 7 parroquies (provinces), keeping a part of its charming story secret. The oldest churches of Andorra, dated by the XI-XII centuries, are famous for their small sizes and simplicity. Its only decoration is a perfect harmony with nature. You will see that yourself, getting acquainted with the landscapes of Andorra and discovering its architectural monuments. And below there are a variety options of Sightseeing of Andorra that can you choose to be your best option.

1. Sant Antooni de la Grella Bridge

Previously this bridge presented the only way to get to La Massana. It linked the banks of the Valira river in the north of the Principality. The bridge was built in the Medieval period and was reconstructed in the XX century. The chapel Sant Antoni de la Grella, built in Romanesque style, is located not far from the bridge. After the tunnel works in 1940, the church was restored.

Address: Sant Antoni de la Grella bridge AD La Massana

La Massana touristic office: (+376) 835 693
2. La Margineda Bridge

La Margineda Bridge is also considered to be one of the major showplaces of Andorra. It is located at the main highway that leads to the capital of Andorra through San Julia de Loria and Santa Coloma. The bridge, built in the Roman period (XV century) is in a perfect state and up to now allows crossing from one side of the Valira River to the other. The length is 33 meters, the height is 9.2 meters.

Address: La Margineda Bridge, La Margineda AD Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella touristic office: (+376) 873 103

3. Sant Miguel d’Engolasters

Sant Miguel d’Engolasters was built in classical Romanesque style in the XII century: rectangular nave, semicircular apses, triangle roof, bell tower. The stairs were added on later. The construction looks unusual because of the disproportion of the nave and 17-meter-heigh bell tower. The bell tower has got double arch windows without partitions. Inside the church there are the murals of Romanesque period, made by an artist from Santa Coloma (XII century). The church is located in an unusually beautiful place that views the whole capital of Andorra. After the visit to the church, we recommend you to have a walk along the Engolasters lake at Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley—the National Park that has been under the protection of the UNESCO since 2004.

Address: Sant Miquel d’Engolasters Church, Engolasters AD700 Escaldes-Engordany

The entrance is free. Escaldes-Engordany touristic center: (+376)890 881

4. Sant Pere Martir Church

Sant Pere Martir Church was built in accordance to the project of the architect Josep Danes in honor of wool dressers—as a sign of gratitude for their work that favored intensive development of the textile industry at Escaldes parroquia. The church was built in 1956 in the style of Neo-Romanticism. They say that the altar piece of the church emerged thanks to the joint efforts of the wool dressers and weavers. The front face presents the reprints of the Beatitudes (the commandments, given by Jesus Christ during the Sermon on the Mount), made by the sculptor Sergi Mas. The stairs are decorated by his ceramic works. Here one may find the sculpture of Our Lady, created by one more famous Andorran architect Josep Viladomat.

In the nearby park, the visitors can find the sculpture of an embroiderer, created by the same architect. It is possible to have a closer acquaintance with their works in the Center of Arts of Escaldes-Engordany, located close to the church (look for details here). On June 4, 1981 the bishop Joan Marti Alanis blessed three church bells that were named Maria, Anna and Jacoba.

Address: Sant Pere Martir Church, Av. Carlemany, s/n AD700 Escaldes-Engordany

5. Canolich Church

Canolich Church takes a special place among the showplaces of Andorra. This place is called the song of the soul. It can’t but surprise that one of the most respectable chapels of Andorra is located in such arduous place in the mountains. Sharp ascent to the mountains was an inseparable protection from pilgrims for many centuries; travelers kept away from both the church and cognominal village. The church was completely rebuilt in the beginning of the XX century. But it managed to keep the memory about the small village of Canolich (the first references go back to 1176). Canolich church is considered to be the main sanctuary of Andorra. One may get to the church either by foot or by car over the road from Fontaneda.

Address: Canolich Sanctuary, Canolich AD 600 Sant Julia de Loria

The entrance is free. Sant Julia de Loria touristic center: (+376) 744 045

6. Sant Serni de Nagol Church

Local citizens say about that: “Art inside, the spirit of freedom around”. The church was built at the crossroads of the valleys, where the sun shines all over the mountain hills. And this is the place where you will find the smallest church of Romanesque period, lost I the Pyrenees. This is a wonderful place, that has been known since 1055, will stay in your memory with its quietness and beauty. The church was built in the classical Romanesque style: this is confirmed by a rectangular nave and semicircular apses. The bell tower has got two entrances, next to it there are the stairs that were added on later. The interior of the church is a simple but eloquent story about religion. The iconography symbolizes the eternal fight of the good and the evil. One of the central plots is the Holy Lamb, surrounded by Angels. The altar piece is decorated by the elements of the XV century, dedicated to the life of the first bishop of Tolosa (Spain) and the priest of the church, it also contains the anagrams of Jesus Christ and Our Lady. The church is located in the place with a unique view to the mountain and valleys of the Principality.

Address: Sant Serni de Nagol Church, Nagol AD600 Sant Julia de Loria

The entrance is free. Sant Julia de Loria touristic center: (+376) 744 045

7. Sant Joan de Caselles Church

Sant Joan de Caselles Church was built in the XI-XII centuries in the style, typical for other Andorran churches that are attributed to Romanesque period. It has got rectangular nave and wooden ceiling, semicircular apse and Lombars style bell tower (Roman Renaissance era), as well as two arcs that were added on later — in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Inside one may see Roman plaster of the XII century and highly artistic railing—a part of altar piece of the XVI century. This railing demonstrates the results of Greek and Italian Renaissance period impact. This church is a beloved place of Andorran just married couples, that decided to wed.

Address: Sant Joan de Caselles Church, Ctra. General, s/n AD100 Canillo.

The entrance is free. Canillo touristic office: (+376) 753 600

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